The Second Best Licensed Private Detective IN EAST NORRITON TOWNSHIP,  NATIONALLY RESPECTED Security Consultant,  
AMAZING Notary Public,  and All-Around Nice Guy  

As of August 12th, 2014 Don Benn (the handsome somewhat elderly gent whose photo graces this page and with whom I share a birthday, social security number, and love of fried foods) has RETIRED and the oh so well respected THE DON BENN AGENCY
has closed its' doors.

As so not to completely rust....the entire staff and management will continue to maintain and keep active all existing county, state, and federal licenses, insurances, bonds, permits, certifications, and security clearances (as well as continue to take all required annual CEU's and professional enrichment courses).

While in retirement status NO NEW CLIENTS will be actively solicited and NO NEW REFERRALS from other licensed agencies can be accepted.

 for indigent individuals and/or pro bono matters of social significance 
and in instances in which the compensation is gigantic AND the client is NOT a complete a--hole.  


The entire staff and management of
The DON BENN Agency (all featured in the photo to the left) would like to thank you for visiting our site. 

The Don BENN Agency is East Norriton's Second Best Licensed Detective, Security, and Notary Public Agency... and, without question,
the VERY BEST Licensed Detective, Security, and Notary Public Agency on the block on which we are located.

President, CEO, and Cheap Financial Officer Don Benn is a fully Licensed Private Detective with more than 30 years experience in local, county, state, and federal law-enforcement, criminal justice, and public safety.  Additionally, he is the ONLY Licensed Private Detective in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania to be board certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to perform the duties of a Magisterial District Judge.

Det. Benn is also certified by the Pennsylvania State Police as a Lethal Weapons (Act 235) Instructor and holds national certification and accreditation by the National Rifle Association as a Crime Prevention Instructor.

The investigative division of the agency specializes in civil litigation support services (we do not participate in any active criminal defense work***).  The agency also specializes in institutional security design, training, and management. 

Furthermore, an annual (limited) number of pro bono investigative and notary services for nonprofit agencies and indigent individuals are accepted each year.  First priority for such work goes to cases involving abuse (Domestic, Child, Elder, and Domestic Animal).  All other requests are considered on a case by case basis.

The agency also provides VIP, "high-profile", and celebrity security services (locally, nationally, and world-wide).  A full list of current and past clients can be found nowhere (client privacy is always maintained).

As of April 15, 2012 the agency is certified to provide expert testimony and provide investigative services in NEGLIGENT SECURITY LITIGATION.

Initial consultations are free of charge and all emails are usually answered within 48 hours.  Unlike many other agencies who are all too happy to charge a few hundred bucks to tell you there's nothing they can do, the agency declines more potential cases than it accepts (and no, it's not JUST because of laziness....granted, that's a big reason...but it's seldom the only one). 

In cases of non-acceptance..... referrals to other trusted, licensed, insured and bonded detective/investigative agencies will be made at no cost.

I will also inform you (again, at no cost) if I believe your issues can be best addressed by a branch of local, state, or federal law social service or NGO's......and help you get in contact with the correct agency or multi-agencies.

If I believe that your needs can best be addressed by a licensed and bonded Private Detective who has greater professional experience and expertise in areas in which I am not certified....I'll make sure to find you a couple of certified professionals whom I personally trust.

And last....if it turns out that all you really need is a couple of really big guys with no necks or last names to deliver a good old fashioned motivational speech......I know some very effective speakers.

Fees and charges for investigative and security services vary and are based on the complexity of the work involved.  Fees will be in accordance with published industry norms and standards for the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area. 


*** while the agency does not accept nor involve itself in active criminal defense litigation we do play an active role in and fully support all efforts on behalf of the Pennsylvania Innocence Project

The DON BENN Agency
Post Office Box 2143
Blue Bell, PA 19422-9998

Post Office Box 2143
Blue Bell, PA 19422-2143
(215) 820-2751 (direct)
(888)514-3240 (fax)

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