Bringing more than 4 Decades of Local, County, State, Federal, and Private Sector           

Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and Private Security experience to the Courts I serve, the

Private Law Firms I (might possibly) overcharge, but MOST OF ALL - to the GENERAL

PUBLIC - all of whom I am honored to serve.


Pa. State Constable

D o n   B e n n

                                               D O N   B E N N

                                                                 (Perhaps) America's Most Beloved Constable


You've somehow landed at the official website of Pa. Constable Don Benn....and (hopefully) this is actually where you were trying to go. 

I am a "duly elected", "state certified", and "sworn" (both "in" and more often .."at") Pennsylvania State Constable located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and (primarily) serving the southeastern part of the county.

​As a "certified" Constable I have the authority to arrest individuals for crimes committed in my presence and to serve (both) "civil process", bench warrants, and of course, arrest warrants.  Among my other duties and responsibilities, I oversee evictions (not fun for anyone), levy property to satisfy judgements, enforce local ordnances, ... and, although it's never come up, I'm also authorized to be the dogcatcher.

Two days a year (Election Days) my 8 Deputy Constables and I are responsible for maintaining the peace at the various polling venues in East Norriton Township (my home for the past 17 years).    We work with the dedicated (but way underpaid and understaffed) poll workers to ensure that our elections are as problem-free as possible (and to try and resolve any problems that may arise).   

The office of Certified Pennsylvania State Constable is an "elected" position.  This means all Certified Constables "ran" for office as part of either a Democratic orRepublican ticket (and yes, there are some "Independent" registered Constables... but they don't have tickets).  Nevertheless, it is our sworn obligation to remain non-partisan and apolitical while performing our duties.  

I'm lucky enough to live in a part of my county (Montgomery County) that is comprised of 3 "townships" - Norristown, West Norriton, and East Norriton.  EACH of our townships has at least 1 CERTIFIED Constable...and it's less than a 10-minute drive to other CERTIFIED Constables located in nearby "townships".  While we all "fish in the same waters" (the 4 District Courts contained within our boarders) we also serve as a source of mutual support. 

I (and my fellow Constables) stand ready, willing, and able to respond to the needs of all Pennsylvania residents.  Please feel free to contact me for any advice or assistance you may need.  Please know that my "advice" is free (and worth twice as much) and is NOT legal advice.  


​Don Benn