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DON BENN ......

​Your Friendly Neighborhood C o n s t a b l e

Bringing More than 40 years of Public Service, Public Safety, and Real-Life Experience (and almost 40 minutes of Web-Design Experience) to this Most Important Office.

​Hello... and welcome to my official (spelled t a x   d e d u c t a b l e) WEBSITE -  This site is intended for business purposes ONLY!  It WILL NOT be used or abused for personal gripes or rants and it will CERTAINLY not be used to voice partisan opinions (find those on either my person or Constable Benn Facebook page).

About now you're probably asking yourself "What the  $%&#  is a Constable?".  Sounded like a fairly simple question...didn't it?  Actually, the question is's the answer that gets complicated....real complicated.  Here's my attempt to provide an answer.

​A Pennsylvania State Constable (which may or may not be the correct official title) is an "Elected" (except when they ain't) Law Enforcement/Peace Officer.  He or she (with additional pronouns soon to come) has law-enforcement powers of arrest for "breaches of the peace" and "crimes committed in their sight" (except when they don't).  There are more than a thousand Constables and Deputy Constables throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the ONLY thing that they are REQUIRED to do is provide a safe environment at their local polling places on Election Day.

NOT CONFUSED ENOUGH?  LET'S CONTINUE........ There are 2 (maybe 3 categories) of Constables in Pennsylvania - "Certified" and "Not Certified".  CERTIFIEDConstables (such as that good looking guy in the righthand corner) have (a) been ELECTED (except when they haven't), (b) SWORN-IN by a Judge in the Court of Common Pleas or higher level Court (except when they weren't), (c) ATTENDED and COMPLETED the basic 2-week Constables' Training Course (again such as that dashing elder gent in the righthand corner), and....and this is real important....if they intend to carry firearms... they MUST ATTEND and COMPLETE a Basic 40-hour firearms training course (I'll complete mine in May of 2022).

NONCERTIFIED CONSTABLES ... are those men and women who were either ELECTED or APPOINTED, SWORN-IN, .....and that's about it.  As stated earlier, their only official responsibility is to maintain the peace on Election Day.  THIS IS A VITAL and VERY IMPORTANT RESPONSIBILITY (but that represents just a fraction of the scope of powers, authority, and responsibilities of those of us who are CERTIFIED).

I'm lucky enough to live in a part of my county (Montgomery County) that is comprised of 3 "townships" - Norristown, West Norriton, and Best...I mean East Norriton.  PLEASE NOTE - the prior sentence might be one of the few times you see the words "lucky enough to live in" and "Norristown" used in the same sentence.  By "lucky" I mean that EACH of our townships has at least 1 CERTIFIED Constable...and it's less than a 10 minute drive to other CERTIFIED Constables located in nearby "townships".  While we all "fish in the same waters" (the 4 District Courts contained within our boarders)  we also serve as a source of mutual support.

So What the Heck Do I Do?  Election Day safety and security is at the TOP of my list.  I'm blessed in the fact that unlike many other Constables throughout the Commonwealth I have 8 (yes 8) Deputy Constables to assist me.  A few of them have been doing the job a lot longer than me (and in full honesty, every time I'm in their company I walk away a little smarter).  This year I have a few new Deputies.  I hope that they'll be able to say the same about me.  BUT THAT'S JUST TWO DAYS A YEAR .

THE REST OF THE YEAR (and I'll be honest....this is NOT a Monday-Friday 9-5 job) I'm working for the local District Courts performing such duties as.....

Serving Arrest Warrants...Serving Notices to Come to Court...Supervising all aspects of the Eviction Process...Providing Extra Courtroom Security...

Direct Involvement in all aspects of the Protection from Abuse Process...and MORE!  

Unlike many other counties in our great Commonwealth, the Constables in Montgomery County do NOT (except when we do) engage in Prisoner Transport and ONLY in RARE CIRCUMSTANCES do we interact with Juvenile Offenders.

In all of the above...if all goes as this time next year (2023 in case I never update this website)...I intend to use the power and prestige of my office (I'll wait while you laugh) to bring educational outreach to my community in such areas as ELDER ABUSE, CONSUMER FRAUD, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, TRUANCY REDUCTION, and basic CIVICS (areas in which local police department's have neither the time or personnel to provide).  And just to be VERY CLEAR.... there will NEVER be a time when anything I do in these areas will conflict with police practice or policy...NEVER.

AND THAT'S ABOUT IT....for this page.  Thanks for clicking and reading.  If I can be of assistance to you in any way please click over to my CONTACT US ("us" is just me) page and I will get back to you a lot quicker than most elected officials will.