Licensed Private detective, SECURITY CONSULTANT, Notary Public...And WEDDING OFFICIANT

The Don Benn Agency

‚ÄčWhile my Private Detective's License doesn't expire until 2023 (which means that I might "expire" before it does), I just do  Pro Bono investigative work in the areas of Human Trafficking and Domestic Abuse.   

My main income derives from my work as a Notary Public (and Real Estate Closing Agent) and as a Wedding Officiant as a legally "Ordained" (via the Internet.) "Minister" (which, for some reason...according to the Constitution of the United just as legal, lawful, and valid as the well-deserved credentials of men and women who have dedicated their life's work to serving G-d).  In the words of a great man (Yakov Smirnoff)..."America, what a country".

Not only do I have the legal authority to perform weddings and funerals...but as a Private Detective I can perform a background check (if requested) on the person you want to marry...or lay to rest. (how many Officiants can say that, OK, I guess anyone can "say" it...but I "mean" it)! 

I am also trained and certified to deal Pai Gow Poker (which sadly, is not the least of my list of my many useless talents).

Note:  This website was last updated on June 1, 2018 (and as you can clearly see, still fails to include any useful information).