Licensed Private detective, SECURITY CONSULTANT, Notary Public...And WEDDING OFFICIANT

D. D. Wilson found himself drawn to the law field directly out of high school, working as a county clerk. He then pursued a law degree from Mississippi State University, graduating magna cum laude.

I Honestly Don't Know Who These TWO Schmucks are.....They Came With the WEBSITE TEMPLATE (And I don't know how to delete them).

The Don Benn Agency

This is a photo of a catduck or duckcat.  I find it quite disturbing.  I actually used this photo as my corporate profile picture....and it took almost a year until someone actually noticed (I guess I don't get a whole lot of "clicks").

T. C. Doyle's previous experience as a private investigator provides a wealth of knowledge, not only of the law, but how the justice system works. Seeing every client of his find the path to recovery is the most important thing to him.